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Discover our customized and adaptable web solution in Chur, which is available to you throughout Switzerland. Whether via the conventional DSL connection or the advanced FTTH technology - we guarantee you unlimited freedom of use without the shackles of long-term contracts or hidden installation costs.

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Free internet in Chur

Get rid of the chains of contractual obligations! Our philosophy allows you to keep the reins in your own hands and change or cancel your internet service at will, without any additional conditions.

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Subscription-free internet provider in Chur

Our service does not end at the borders of Chur; we bring the whole of Switzerland online. Wherever you are, you can benefit from our customized and user-friendly internet solution that meets your personal requirements.

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Uncomplicated internet access in Chur

We make it easy for you to go online in Chur. With our flexible prepaid internet offers, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility you want without the restrictions of a conventional subscription. Immerse yourself in an internet experience that focuses on simplicity and directness.

Stable prices

With prepaid internet, you enjoy the advantage of stable prices. You pay in advance for the data volume you need and don't have to worry about sudden price increases. This means financial planning security for you.

Can be canceled at any time

A major advantage of prepaid internet is its flexibility. You can cancel your tariff at any time without being tied into a contract. This gives you the freedom to use your Internet exactly when you need it and without long commitments.

Only pay when you need it

Prepaid Internet allows you to pay only when you actually want to be online. If you take a break from the Internet, you pay nothing. This saves money compared to fixed monthly contracts.

No hidden costs

Another advantage of prepaid internet is transparency. There are no hidden costs or fees. You always know how much you are spending as you pay for your data volume in advance, with no unexpected bills at the end of the month.

Simple internet provider for Chur

Our team in Chur is committed to not only providing you with effortless access to the internet, but also a hassle-free and satisfying user experience. With a customer-oriented and adaptable approach, we ensure that you always have the best possible internet experience in Chur and throughout Switzerland.

What our customers say

Louis Pascal Meier

I purchase the product dsl from Monzoon Networks AG. Very friendly customer service, no call center. The VDSL connection was set up within seconds.

Pius Hugentobler

I've been with Monzoon for a month and so far I'm extremely satisfied. At the beginning the line was not stable (problem from Swisscom) but I received great support. Here you talk to highly competent people without long queues! Price is right, no connection fee and highly flexible thanks to Prepay.


Best provider by far! Uncomplicated, good support, no notice period. Only the connection time could be a little faster.

Eric B.

A great company that I am very satisfied with. I can only say good things about the prepaid FTTH and the employees. They are competent, fast and super friendly. I will be happy to recommend Monzoon to others.